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Shipping Policy

Thank you for your recent purchase of one or more of my books. I truly appreciate it. A lot of time has gone into the writing and publishing process so you can have an enjoyable read. The same care will go into the shipping and handling of your personalized copy, so they arrive safe on your doorstep.


I will ship each order via United States Postal Service promptly. Delivery times and date may vary depending on your location and zip code.


The prices indicated in this sites BOOK SHOP is the cost of each book, shipping and taxes. This is only for books that I personally ship. If other products that are purchased through a third party company (shirts, mugs, magnets, etc.) other fees may be applied by that business.

Return & Exchange Policy

Unfortunately there are no refunds or exchanges on any autographed copies of any of my books. However I do understand that things happen during the shipping process and in the event that your order is damaged I will do my best to get you a new copy in a timely fashion.

To report a loss, please contact me via e-mail and include a few photos of the damaged book and packaging.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy spending a little time in my stories.



Frank Stangle

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