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The Exciting Debut Novel:
Shiny Little Things


Skeeter and Rusty, two teenage boys who are thick as thieves, make a life-changing discovery while playing one night. Neither are ready for what happens next and along with their close friend Alexandria, they spend the next day trying to save themselves, their town, and maybe even the entire world.


The three kids embark on an adventure of a lifetime and need to face down an unrelenting foe. They try their best to solve this problem, but every course of action they take seems hopeless, every step forward seemed like two steps back, until they get some help from an unlikely source. Around every turn the group is forced into life-or-death situations. They do learn something about themselves along the way. They learn how a little inner strength, determination and friendship can prevail over all circumstances, and no matter how hard things seem to be at times, never give up.


The future is never preset for anyone, especially for the kids. It may not end up how they planned.

Shiny Little Things [Book 1] Signed Copy

SKU: 978-1955123457
  • Book 1: They begin the adventure as normal kids...

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