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The exciting second book in the
“Shiny Little Things” series.

Skeeter, Alexandria, and Rusty are ready to clean up the mess that wreaked havoc the day before, but someone has different plans for them. The Battle for Roaring Springs was nothing compared to what’s in store for them next. What is supposed to be an easy fix goes haywire and the kids find themselves once again thrown into a perilous situation that gets out of hand quickly. This enemy has a different agenda, and nothing is going to stand in her way—not even Skeeter.

All this may be too much for our battle-hardened teens to handle, and the kids’ friendship is put to the test along the way. The bond is fractured and may not be able to be repaired.

Skeeter needs to enlist the help of a new friend—and a few old ones—to take on this formidable enemy if he is going to stop her.

If she gets what she what she wants, the world will be hurled into darkness forever.

She Plays in the Darkness [Book 2] Signed Copy

SKU: 978-1958217160
  • Book 2: Tension rises and almost tears the friendship apart...

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