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The thrilling and exhilarating third book in the “Shiny Little Things” series.

Almost a year passed by and nothing bad had fallen on the small town of Roaring Springs since it was savagely torn apart by an evil gang of marauding villains.

Skeeter, Alexandria, and Rusty were so happy when they took their final exam. They intended on having an uneventful summer of games, picnics, and fun, like every kid their age does on the last day of school.

All that changed when Skeeter heard some disturbing news and made a promise to a group of old friends to help retrieve something that was stolen from them.

His word means everything to him, but good intentions and eagerness to help may not be enough when Skeeter’s world is turned upside down, and tragedy befalls on the trio of friends. He needs to reach deep inside himself, for that inner strength that we all possess if he was going to fulfill his promise and recover from the day’s horrible events.

But will he be able to find that internal determination, resolve and bravery to carry on, and if he does, will be enough?

Mother Earth & The Wicked Weed

SKU: ‎ 978-1960505033
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